Healthy teeth.

Good teeth are one of the hallmarks of an attractive appearance. However, the problem of teeth health is as much more serious than appearance. Healthy teeth contribute to good digestion. But in the troubled teeth may occur infection and inflammation, which can later cause serious diseases.

Tooth has the following structure – crown, neck and root. Crown is the part, which rises above the gum – its condition is an indicator of beauty and tooth health. Teeth diseases also, as a rule, begin from the upper part. The tooth crown is covered with enamel – from its integrity depends the health and appearance of the tooth.

On the dental health affect two factors – the oral hygiene and the nutrition. If the rules are not observed in these areas, the tooth begins to decay. First, on enamel are appeared cracks. Then, tooth integrity is violated, caries is developed, it damages the tooth root and surrounding tissue.
It is known that, after each use of food in the mouth remains a large amount of microbes. We are struggling with them, providing oral hygiene. Familiar tools for cleansing of the oral cavity – a toothbrush and a toothpaste.

Today there are many different types of toothbrushes such as manual and electrical. They allow you to thoroughly clean the teeth, penetrating even into the most inaccessible places. However, this is not enough. Therefore, good helpers in hygiene can be a dental and mouth rinses. Dental floss clears the gaps between the teeth, reducing the risk of gingivitis. Mouth rinses also have anti-inflammatory and healing effect.